This web site and the tools you can find here are built and maintained by myself.

I'm a software engineer with many years of programming experience. The MSI Wrapper was made because I had the need for such a program and I was unable to find a proper solution on the Internet.

Like any other software project it turned out to be way more complex than I first expected. Hundreds of hours have now been invested in the project to make it perform the task in the best way possible. Lots of users have contributed with input and ideas on how to make the product more valuable. 

Please use the contact form to send me feedback if you have any.


Best regards,

Jacob Reinholdt

The product and the site is run by BioPDF ApS, Denmark.

WiX Toolset

Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset is an open source project that enables developers to build MSI packages based on XML definitions of MSI tables.

The MSI Wrapper depends on the WiX toolset to compile and link the MSI packages. In order to use the MSI Wrapper you must download and install the WiX toolset.

Get the current stable release here




Popular MSI Packages

To illustrate the capabilities of the MSI Wrapper we have created a couple of MSI files for popular programs that normally only ships with an executable installer. Each of these installers have been wrapped and are now "ready to use" MSI packages.

More and updated packages can be found at www.msifile.com