Wizard Pages - Executable

Setup Executable

Select the setup executable you want to wrap in an MSI package in this step of the process. Your executable installer is the setup program with a .exe extension and should be located somewhere on your computer or on a network drive.

Include Files

You can include all the files from the folder where the wrapped executable is located. If you enable this feature then all the files and subfolders are included. When the wrapped installer is run during the installation, all the included files are extracted to a temporary folder.

Compression Level

A file compression takes place when the wrapped executable and other included files are stored in the MSI. You can choose the compression level to use. Please note that the compression can take a lot of time and the wrapped installer is often compressed already. Therefore, it is recommended to use a low compression level or none at all. This will improve the overall performance.

MSI Output

Specify the full path to the output file. This is the file name of the MSI package that is created when you run this wizard.

It is important that you have access to create a file in the specified location. Otherwise, the process will fail.