Wizard Pages - Executable

Setup Executable

Select the setup executable you want to wrap in an MSI package in this step of the process. Your executable installer is the setup program with a .exe extension and should be located somewhere on your computer or on a network drive.

MSI Output

Specify the full path to the output file. This is the file name of the MSI package that is created when you run this wizard.

It is important that you have access to create a file in the specified location. Otherwise, the process will fail.

Security Context

The wrapped setup can run in one of two different security contexts. The Windows Installer the processes the MSI packages runs in the context of the System user. This means that it can also choose to run the wrapped setup in the security context of the System user. Running as the system user gives you full access to most of the file system and the registry during installation. However, you will not have access to things such as network drives or resources. You should choose to install in the context of the user if your MSI requires access to network resources or user specific settings.

Run MSI Elevated

Normally you will want the MSI to be run with elevated privileges. This is often used to write to the registry or copy files to the file system. However, some installers only make changes in the current user context and can run without elevation. 

Per User or Per Machine

In case your wrapped installer is only making changes for the current user you can choose to mark the MSI as a "Per User" installation. This will lower the requirements to elevation and make the MSI write registry values in the user's part of the registry instead of the more general area for machine wide settings.