Wizard Pages - Installer Parameters

Install Arguments

When the wrapped setup executable is installed it is unpacked to a temporary location and run by the Windows Installer. Using this step in the wizard you can tell the Windows Installer that you would like to pass some command line parameters to the setup program when it is run. 

Silent Installation

Let's say you want the wrapped setup program to run silently. In this case you need to figure out which command line switches are supported by the setup program that you are converting to MSI. Maybe you have access to some documentation that tell you which switch to use. Alternatively, you can click on the "Tips" button. This will make the wizard inspect the setup executable that you specified earlier in the wizard. If the wizard can determine which installer framework the developers of the setup executable used, then it will display some general information about the commonly accepted command line switches for setup programs built on that particular installation framework.

Uninstall Arguments

The same applies to the execution of the uninstall routine as for the installation routine. Here you can also add parameters that will make the uninstaller run silently or perform other controlled actions if the wrapped uninstaller supports such command line options.